Virtual Showcase 2020 | Problem 1, Div I | Choconut Valley ES

The team’s solution

Our team’s solution involved one of the Longshots getting “infected” by a fungus that made him go from a very smart individual to a crazily unintelligent individual. This was also happening to people around the world who were getting infected with the same fungus.

Our solution was to bring various ingredients together using a balloon powered car, a tape measure car, and a spring car to create a cure for this fungal infection. Once the ingredients were mixed together, a cloud of anti-fungal medication was released into the air. When those infected inhaled the air, they were immediately cured and returned to normal.

What made our team’s solution unique was the balloon we used for the balloon car, the costumes, and our changing scenery. The purple fungus, TV prop, and the Makey-Makey operated news report also made our solution stand out. We are also proud of how we planned the reaction and how it dispensed the medicine at the end.

Building skills

Jamison said:
We learned a lot about building cars. I learned the hard way that an axle has to be able to turn in order to work. I ended up putting my axle through a straw to make my car roll.

Katie said:
We learned how to write a script. I feel like I became a better writer through this process.

Caitlyn said:
I learned to wear gloves in the future when making slime that calls for food coloring. It takes a really long time for that to come off your skin.

Harper said: 
I learned how to hand sew and we taught each other creative ways to create clouds, waves, and other items for our scenery.

Some favorite memories

  • The time I put screwdrivers on my car to break through the obstacles 
  • The time when Caitlyn was making the slime fungus and dyed her hands bright purple
  • The time when Ava and Jamison were “trying” to do my shirt. They tried to fix it but made it worse the paint kept spreading.

Problem 1: Longshot Solution

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