Virtual Showcase 2020 | Problem 4, Div II | Delaware Valley MS

The team’s solution

The team’s solution for Balsa Limbo this year took a trip around a game board in the Game of Life – Failed Road Trip Edition.

Instead of a traditional backdrop, the team created a game board using a variety of materials, like paint chips, spray foam and origami. The team used the game play to convey the different required elements in the problem. A game wheel was created so the players would move to different areas on their game board.

The required balsa character was a baby that was made with recycled balsa wood, balsa foam and even paint made with ground up balsa wood.

They also created a bridge that was their escape from the game which took hours of work to complete. Under the bridge was “water” made from glue and food dye which took a lot of trial and error to make it look like water.

Building skills

Team members were challenged this year to figure out how to get a costume to grow. In the game of Life one of our characters chooses a game card that sends her on the family path and says her family will be twins! The career-minded outfit she was wearing becomes a maternity outfit by using a CO2 bike pump and balloon to make her tummy grow. It is a hilarious five seconds in the skit!

Reflecting on the season

I am so proud of this team this year. They overcame some odds from World Finals last year and came back strong this year with an improved structure design and a fantastic set. Even though we did not get to compete this year it was (as always!) an awesome journey. Four of the team members will be moving on to High School next year and will really be missed. We have had a great time these last three years! Always remember 1150 guys!!

Problem 4: Balsa Limbo

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