Virtual Showcase 2020 | Problem 4, Div III | Delaware Valley HS

The team’s solution

Our skit was about a little boy who was pulled into his nightmares and has to overcome his “Claus”trophopia and fear of dancing. Our use of reversible props to easily change scenes makes it unique. Our favorite parts are coming together to dance and seeing our scenes change to fit the nightmares.

Building skills

Our team learned many skills this season. We learned how to work on some details pop out in our props and we learned how to incorporate creative and unusual materials into our props.

We also learned how to choreograph a dance and how to incorporate it into our skit which was a very fun experience.

As far as structure goes, three of our team members learned to work together to place straight 45-pound weights.

Sadly, we weren’t able to compete at regionals or states but as a team we were were able to all come together on Zoom to perform our skit, describe our props and perform spontaneous.

Reflecting on the season

A story from this year was when we would practice our lines for the skit we would each do them with different accents. It would make it more interesting and give us lots of laughs and help us learn our lines. To all OMers, we say cherish the time with your team because you can create a special bond and have such great times together. Always have fun, and never give up!

Problem 4: Balsa Limbo

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