State Board of Directors Application

Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind needs you! The entirely volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Creativity Unlimited in Pennsylvania is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us lead the Odyssey of the Mind program here in PA.

Read more about our volunteers featured on our Meet the State Board Member page!

We are looking for help with the following roles, as of August 2023:

  • Assistant Problem Captain, Score Room
  • Fundraising Director
    • To act as a contact person for the Board to solicit funds for tournaments, scholarships,
    • assistance or other expenses of CUinPA.
  • State Finals Tournament Site Director
    • Secure the appropriate sites needed for all elements of the state tournament.
    • Make arrangements for physical needs within the site areas, such as tables, chairs, weights, etc.
    • Provide for appropriate interior and exterior directional signage to assist teams, officials, and spectators.
    • Arrange for the availability of meals for teams, spectators, and officials.
    • Provide for emergency medical care during the tournament.
    • Arrange and address the parking needs for the tournament.
    • Perform the duties within CUinPA board-approved budget guidelines and keep the state tournament director informed of the expenses.

You can use the application form below, or you can click here to download the application as a Word document and email it to

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the appropriate volunteer on our Contact Us page. If you don’t know the best person to email, you can email

Thank you for your interest and for everything you do for our Odyssey family!

Please describe your current and past positions/experiences with the program, such as problem captain, judge, coach, school coordinator, parent, and former OMer.
Please describe skills and talents you possess that would benefit our program. Please include relevant professional or volunteer experience.


Please list three references experienced with Odyssey of the Mind who have knowledge of your skills and experience.