Line Mountain Scholarship

Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind lost several members of its Odyssey family in a tragic accident in March 1998. We are proud to remember the young people from Line Mountain — Chad Hain, Jason Herrold, Kip Snyder, Amanda Wehry, Toni Wehry, Tyrone Wehry, David Wiest, and Toby Wiest — through the awarding of annual scholarships to Pennsylvania seniors who best embody the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind and demonstrate the creativity so coveted by the program.

This scholarship is paid directly to a post secondary institution toward the student’s tuition, room and board, or school required fees. The scholarship is not based on financial need or academic performance. The scholarship application is designed to allow students to demonstrate those talents, abilities and most of all, the creativity that Odyssey of the Mind values and cultivates in its participants.

Our 2020 Line Mountain Scholarship winners!

Previous Line Mountain Scholarship Winners

  • 2020 – Abby Boquist, Vianne Chang, Jaden Weed
  • 2019 – Samantha Magargle, Shannon Melton, Tenley Turrell, Madison Weiss
  • 2018 – Leah Eberts, Katie Harr
  • 2017 – Reghan Fitch, Rachel Melton
  • 2016 – Natalie Melton, Madison Wiernusz
  • 2015 – Robert Gaibler, Kristen Lubawski, Cooper Smith, Emily Wieder
  • 2014 – Anna Marie Kun, Jacqueline Matz
  • 2013 – Hayley Frerichs, Peter Gula
  • 2012 – Hayley Johnston
  • 2011 – Rachel Fletcher
  • 2010 – Adam Bahr, Taylor Engel, Melissa Jarrett
  • 2009 – Jeremy Adelman
  • 2008 – Sara Sutsko
  • 2007 – Ryan Balton
  • 2006 – Amelia Weir
  • 2005 – Ariel Otruba, Stephen Pike, Zach Wessner
  • 2004 – Garrett Stiger
  • 2003 – Julie Sutsco
  • 2002 – Rachel Porter
  • 2001 – April Hartzel
  • 2000 – Krista Whalen
  • 1999 – Amanda Winegar

Creative Opportunities Unlimited Scholarships

National scholarships are available from Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU). Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU) is an independent nonprofit organization that rewards students who have demonstrated creative problem-solving skills, good sportsmanship, perseverance and teamwork. COU invites Odyssey of the Mind participants to apply for scholarships each year. Winners of the scholarships will be announced on the COU website. Pennsylvania students regularly win COU scholarships!

Local and Regional Scholarships

Scholarships for Odyssey of the Mind participants may also be available locally from your region and school district. Check with your district coordinator and regional website for more details.