2024 State Finals Presented by Juniata College

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Thank you for all parents, coaches, judges, volunteers, and the Pocono Mountain School District for a wonderful State Finals!

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Line Mountain Scholarship

Congratulations Sarah Heath, from North Penn High School!

Sarah plans to attend William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

More info about alumni and scholarship opportunities…

OMER’s Award

Problem 4, Div III: Wellsboro High School

Out of the deep space came a structure – a cylindrical structure! This team built a non-traditional structure with curved bracing in the style of a helix. This endeavor required incredible skill and talent, demonstrating the spirit of true OMers for going where few have dared to journey.

Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award

Problem 1, Div I: Wyland Elementary School

This team was nominated for the creative design of the vehicle’s propulsion and steering controls. The team designed four mechanical levers acting as switches that controlled four wheel-specific motors. The levers completed the circuit through paper clips and foil pads connected to motor power wires. They epitomized the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind.

Problem 1, Div III: Owen J Roberts HS

This team showed exceptional creativity in the creation of their vehicle, particularly their vehicle’s propulsion system. Operating similar to an inchworm, drawer slides allow two halves of the vehicle to expand and contract. The vehicle is moved by a pneumatic piston, powered by compressed air and controlled by a microprocessor and solenoid valves to move the vehicle. Not only did this system propel the vehicle, it also powered two mechanisms that were intended to complete the tasks. 

Beyond the propulsion system, the vehicle also featured two ratchet wrenches controlling direction of the vehicle. The team took exceptional care and consideration for everyone’s safety to contain the pressure tank in a team-woven basket. 

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Program Booklet

2024 PA State Finals Program Booklet

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2024 PA State Finals
Presented by Juniata College

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Problem 4

Deep Space Structure
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Problem 5
Rocking World Detour

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