2021 Virtual State Finals

OMer’s Award

Problem 5: Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning, Division II
One team member stood out as going above and beyond in her efforts to ensure the team’s solution came together. This team member from William Penn Middle School took the judging team on a journey through all the hard work that this team member had done, including designing and building all of the costumes from scratch, using creative materials to add style to the performance – such as CDs to form a flower – and writing a clever script to take the characters through a fascinating story line. Not to mention, the team never once met in person; they orchestrated their whole effort virtually! This team member introduced the judges to all of these efforts in an eloquent and detailed explanation individually, showcasing the work that they and their team put in. For a clear display of talent and hard work, this OMER’s Award goes to Avery Newton-House, from WIlliam Penn Middle School!

Ranatra Fusca Awards

Problem 1: OMer the ROMER, Division III
Crestwood Secondary School
This team took an enormous risk creating a vehicle powered by the potential energy of over 50 pounds of loose sand. The propulsion system used an expertly engineered wheel and gearing system to convert the energy of falling sand into rotational energy to provide the forward motion of the vehicle. The team did not stop here and designed an ingenious catching system for the sand that allowed the vehicle to reload the hopper and transfer the 50 pounds of sand for reuse in the system. The team displayed risk taking, creativity, and excellent engineering to create this propulsion system which unfortunately failed to be successful for score but was a reflection of what Odyssey of the Mind is all about.

Problem 3: OMER and the Beanstalk, Division III
Mt. Lebanon High School
This team showed exceptional creativity throughout the entire performance, wowing the judges with each element of their solution! They had a multi-functional backdrop created from eight handmade cardboard cubes that were attached together. The backdrop transitioned into nine different scenes, and characters could interact with the backdrop by standing on, sitting on, crawling through, and sliding down it. Each stylized costume was well thought out and offered its own creative element, including a patchwork pantsuit, an all-white fairy godmother with huge mushroom hat and detailed wings, a contrasting all-black witch, and a prince costume with an amazingly artistic cloak made entirely from packaging materials like envelopes, bubble wrap, newspaper and packing peanuts. This team executed exceptional creative talent while reversing a typical life lesson to capture the theme of the pandemic and encouraging everyone to wear a mask.

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Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Pennsylvania teams must follow all local, state, and federal guidelines in preparing and presenting their solution, in accordance with the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide and Virtual Tournament Guidelines. As with any Program Guide rules, teams that do not follow applicable guidelines may be subject to penalties.

PA Department of Health: Coronavirus Guidance
CDC: How to Protect Yourself & Others

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