PA at World Finals 2015

May 20-23, 2015 at Michigan State University

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Ranatra Fusca Awards

Runaway Train, Division 3
Palisades HS
Coopersburg, PA
The team designed a vehicle capable of effortlessly moving beneath a set a monkey bars. This “jerky personality” leapt from bar to bar, releasing the bar behind with its arms, swinging beneath the track, and then catching the next bar with its feet.
The vehicle combined precisely motorized limbs with the swinging momentum of the monkey-like body. This team displayed a phenomenal amount of risk-taking and skill in getting a vehicle to move in a truly unique way.
Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Division 3
North Penn HS
Lansdale, PA
This team created an intricate membership sign, a Jurassic Presidential seal made entirely of rubber bands, dinosaur costumes that utilized pistachio shells, plastic spoons and every single part of a water bottle, and an extensively detailed T-Rex and triceratops. What truly elevated this team to another level was their representation of Pangea.  Aluminum disks spelled out “Pangea” but they later stacked them together to form a globe featuring the prehistoric continent. The disks were created by melting down over 500 aluminum cans in a homemade foundry the team built in one member’s backyard.

Problem 1 – Runaway “Train”

Div I
Rice ES – 3rd place!
Osborne ES – 10th place

Div II
Masterman School – 5th place!
Center for Parenting Education – 14th place

Palisades HS – 3rd place!
St. John Neumann Regional Academy – 3rd place! (tie)


Problem 2 – Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Div I
Independence Charter School – 12th place
Delaware Valley ES – 19th place
Abington Heights ES – 23rd place

Div II
Donald H. Eichhorn MS – 8th place
St. Basil The Great CYO – 10th place

North Penn HS – 2nd place!
Cedar Crest HS – 5th place!
Abington Heights HS – 10th place


Problem 3 – Pandora’s Box

Div I
Williamsport Lions Club – 12th place
St. Basil the Great CYO – 12th place (tie)

Div II
Daniel Boone MS B – 1st place!
Rydal ES – 16th place

Abington Sr. HS – 1st place!
Plymouth Whitemarsh HS – 7th place

Div IV
Penn State University – 4th place!


Problem 4 – Lose Your Marbles

Div I
Vincent ES – 6th place!
Montgomery Area ES – 14th place

Div II
Owen J Roberts MS – 7th place
Avon Grove Charter School A – 14th place

Owen J Roberts HS – 6th place!
Palisades HS – 18th place


Problem 5 – Silent Movie

Div I
J. Henry Cochran Primary School – 8th place
Dingman-Delaware ES – 12th place
Foster ES – 29th place

Div II
New Hope Solebury MS – 12th place
Dingman-Delaware MS – 32nd place

Delaware Valley HS – 5th place!
Abington Heights HS – 8th place


Full 2015 World Finals scores
2015 Problem Synposes
Other past PA at World Finals results