Virtual Showcase 2020 | Problem 1, Div III | Masterman School

The team’s solution

The team’s presentation centers around an evil corporation and the plucky longshots trying to ward off bankruptcy to save the company — and the world. One longshot named “Slim Chance” wears an inflatable costume because a slim chance and a fat chance are the same thing! A realistic office-cubicle set opens up to reveal a mint that prints OM money and adorable animal vehicles deliver materials to make a chemical reaction that launders blood money by turning it green to fool the environmentalists. The presentation concludes with a rousing rendition of “We Are The World” complete with an inflating globe filled with green money and a mesmerizing effect to hypnotize the audience so it fails to recognize the company’s evil.

Building skills

The team involved a number of first-time OMers who worked to think differently and put forward out-of-the-box ideas. The vehicles were particularly challenging as they used an elegant walking mechanism, gears, and rotating C-shaped legs for propulsion — and all were decorated like adorable animals including a snake painstakingly festooned with a bead mosaic.

Reflecting on the season

The biggest challenge this year was incorporating new members on a team with experienced OMers so a major lesson was for new leaders to step up and guide the work of a number of team members who didn’t really know what makes a compelling presentation.

Problem 1: Longshot Solution

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