Virtual Showcase 2020 | Problem 2, Div I | Delaware Valley ES

The team’s solution

Our team’s solution highlights how plants and animals in the oceans and seas communicate (or network) each day with info-chemicals. Our performance takes place under the sea.

Our main character is Lali, a scuba diver, who interacts with the network characters NIKI (Network Interface Connector International aka water), Cabe-an electric eel who represents a cable or a direct connection, and Star-a starfish who acts as a router and determines which is the best path for the message to take. (People have been guided by the “stars” for thousands of years!)

The malware character is Ocean Trash whose costume is constructed of discarded plastic bags and garbage which form a huge train like a wedding dress that interrupts the network and takes the message with the important info-chemicals such as food and vitamins off line.

A helpful human, Captain Rocco, arrives in his submarine to grab the trash by the train and drag it away for good thus enabling the plants and animals to communicate once again until a pop-up message-a shark-appears and encourages people to eat at Sally’s Seafood Shack where he is waiting to “eat” the humans. When he is chased off by Sally, the network resumes and people are reminded that pollution and and warming ocean waters are bleaching and killing the coral, and helpful humans are needed to clean up the oceans!

Building skills

Our team members learned to use power equipment such as jigsaws and drills, work together to come up with a unique networking solution, and endure disappointment about not being able to perform live for either the regional or state competitions because of the coronavirus pandemic. They also learned to work together to come up with a virtual presentation to present to the 2020 World Finals Competition.

A message to fellow OMers

We would like to tell all our fellow OMers to hang in there and stay positive. The skills and friendships that have formed throughout the years will carry you into a brighter future!

Problem 2: Net Working

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