Virtual Showcase 2020 | Primary Problem | Delaware Valley ES

The team’s solution

“Our solution was to go to a fashion show and get to safety. They needed to get to safety because of the storm.”

“Bugs got dressed for a fashion show and survived the storm with new fashion.”

“A fashion show for bugs. We made fictional bugs for example fire bug and vacation bug.”

Building skills

“I learned how to use a hot glue glue and an exacto knife. I also learned how to work as a team and find creative solutions.”

“I learned how to make costumes, tie dye, and how to use a hot glue gun.”

“We work together. We learned how to use tools for example the hot glue gun. That was exciting!”

Reflecting on the season

“My favorite part of solution is that my character got to play video games and we got to walk down the runaway!”

“I liked how we decided our costumes.”

One final message to my team: “I am surge!”

Primary Problem: The Fashion Bug

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