State Finals

Saturday, April 6, 2019
Pocono Mountain School District – East Campus


Thank you to all of our coaches, judges, volunteers, friends, and family for everything you did to make our tournament a success!

Thank you to the Pocono Mountain School District for hosting our State Finals tournament for the fourth time!

Ranatra Fusca Creativity Awards

Advancing to World Finals…

  • Problem 1, OMER to the Rescue, Again – Div II: Pennbrook MS

This team was nominated for its risk in design and the uniqueness of the materials used in design.

This team showed exceptional creativity in design and engineering of its vehicle. Buckets were used as wheels, and firehoses were used as treads. This vehicle was original and able ot move forward and backward to complete all tasks. This design is truly a McGuyver design. The team shared a design book that showed the progression of its design.

  • Problem 1, OMER to the Rescue, Again – Div III: Crestwood Secondary School

This team was nominated for the propulsion system of its vehicle, which used a unique design yet created a smooth, reliable vehicle. Ideas like this system are risky to convert linear motion to circular motion, and the team found a way to do it.

This team showed exceptional creativity in using two pinewood strips custom-fitted and spaced with metal rods, which fit into the grooves of two separate sprockets – one on either side of the vehicle. The propulsion system designed with sprockets and chains connected to other gears for mechanical advantage. This was connected to the axle to drive the wheels. A tensioner was added to the design to prevent chain slippage. The propulsion system doubled as steering since each wheel could move independently.

  • Problem 4, Structure Toss – Div III: Pocono Mt West HS

We have lift off in the Junior High School! 4 feet? 7 feet? 10 feet? This team went beyond the problem requirements and designed a larger than life air cannon that shot their structure 20 feet across the performance site. The amount of risk this team demonstrated was highlighted by only having the ability to fire the cannon once. The team is the first in the state to move their structure without anything physically touching the structure. We were impressed, amazed, and loved the “BANG!” this brought to our competition.

  • Problem 5, Opposites Distract – Div III: Penn Hills HS

This team was nominated for its exceptional application of technical knowledge in a theatrically-based problem.

This team showed exceptional creativity in the use of computer science and mechanical and electrical engineering in a solution that is traditionally grounded in theatrics and humor.

This courtroom-based story implemented two separate prop pieces controlled by a combination of wireless keyboards, mini circuit boards with code written by the team, and wire and motors. The technology was used to simulate speech and cranial movements by a mannequin head, and also to control various light and movement functions of a hat worn by their sleazy lawyer character. The ingenuity impressed the audience and judging panel alike.

OMER’s Awards

  • Problem 5, Opposites Distract – Judge: Michael Krone

This judge, who is not affiliated with a team, embodies the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind by using his creativity to complete the tasks assigned to him. He created a catchy song and asked for audience participation in setting the beat. He has truly risen above and beyond the standard expectations of a judge.


  • Problem 2, Hide in Plain Sight – Div. II: Montgomery Area Middle School

This team has made tremendous strides in overcoming extreme challenges. Just after regionals, both of the coaches resigned as well as two of their teammates who quit the team. These girls persevered and decided to move forward with only five members. With a complete skit rewrite they persevered to bring their team to states. They expressed doubts in themselves but were determined to bring their team to state finals.

Line Mountain Scholarships

  • Madison Weiss, Crestwood HS
  • Shannon Melton, Moon Area HS
  • Samantha Magargle, Montgomery HS
  • Tenley Turrell, Pocono Mt East HS

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